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Over 15 years of experience in the construction industry provides: ​

Experience in designing and drafting comprehensive plan sets for expansive building envelope renovation projects & septic systems.

Strong analytical skills to facilitate drafting services.

Understanding of the industry and common standards.

Liz Hoey, Owner



Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Worcester, MA)    

  • Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering         

  • Master of Engineering, Civil Engineering      


Prior Experience:

Environmental Health Inspector                                                   Health Department (Franklin, MA) 

Management of the septic approval and installation processes for the Town:

  • Coordinate and witness percolation testing with Engineers.

  • Review and approve septic designs for compliance with the State Environmental Code.

  • Perform inspections throughout the installation process.

  • Review and approve as-built submissions.


Project Engineer- Building Envelope Department                         Gale Associates, Inc. (Rockland, MA)

Existing Conditions Investigation, Design & Construction - Public & Private Facilities:

  • Perform investigations, evaluations, and designs of the building envelope, including waterproofing, masonry/stone/concrete, fenestrations, cladding, and roofing systems.

  • Manage construction procedures, including site visits and construction progress meetings.

Façade Ordinance Inspections - City of Boston:

  • Perform on-site historic building façade inspections.

  • Generate comprehensive reports outlining identified issues and proposing solutions.

Construction Feasibility Studies:

  • Develop construction feasibility studies for various public and privately owned properties; including those under the Massachusetts School Building Authority.

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